23 Oct 2013

Apple iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina and Macbook Pro Price Comparison

New iPad Air, iPad mini with retina display and Macbook Pro pricing comparison.

Forex as of 23rd Oct 2013 and the source from Google.

And obviously, I would like to discharge myself from any liabilities by telling everybody up front that I shall accept NO LIABILITY or whatsoever from the chart below or any mistakes made both in description or in the pricing.. It's merely drafted out out of personal interest.

Previous pricing comparison:
- 14 Oct 2013
- 25 Oct 2012
- 15 June 2012

ModelUS ($)SG ($)MY (RM)UK (£)HK ($)DE (€)
MBA 11' 128GB 1.3GHz100%109%95%137%99%137%
MBA 11' 256GB 1.3GHz100%107%95%138%99%137%
MBA 13' 128GB 1.3GHz100%109%95%125%100%137%
MBA 13' 256GB 1.3GHz100%111%95%140%99%137%
MBP 13' 2.5GHz100%107%98%134%99%137%
MBP 13' 128GB 2.4GHz (Retina)100%111%102%136%99%137%
MBP 13' 256GB 2.6GHz (Retina)100%112%103%134%99%137%
MBP 13' 512GB 2.6GHz (Retina)100%112%104%134%100%137%
MBP 15' 256GB 2.0GHz (Retina)100%112%103%137%99%137%
MBP 15' 512GB 2.3GHz (Retina)100%111%103%136%99%137%
iPad mini 2 16GB100%110%tbc134%99%132%
iPad mini 2 16GB (3G)100%111%tbc131%99%131%
iPad mini Retina 16GB100%111%tbc129%100%134%
iPad mini Retina 32GB100%111%tbc129%101%131%
iPad mini Retina 64GB100%111%tbc129%101%130%
iPad mini Retina 128GB100%112%tbc129%101%129%
iPad mini Retina 16GB (LTE)100%111%tbc128%100%132%
iPad mini Retina 32GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%100%130%
iPad mini Retina 64GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%101%129%
iPad mini Retina 128GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%101%129%
iPad 2 16GB100%107%tbc133%100%130%
iPad 2 16GB (3G)100%106%tbc131%100%129%
iPad Air 16GB100%111%tbc129%101%131%
iPad Air 32GB100%111%tbc129%101%130%
iPad Air 64GB100%112%tbc129%101%129%
iPad Air 128GB100%112%tbc129%102%128%
iPad Air 16GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%100%130%
iPad Air 32GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%101%129%
iPad Air 64GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%101%129%
iPad Air 128GB (LTE)100%112%tbc128%101%128%
Apple TV100%121%112%161%103%151%
Forex (23rd OCT 2013)

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